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Private chat with LIONHEART83 - Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology in Norway online. 15-20 years of experience in Chinese Astrology. ♥ READINGS 2.99 MIN ♥ LIONHEART♥ OFFERS HIS CLIENT OUTSTANDING SERVICE TOP RATED POWERFUL PSYCHIC HONEST OPEN MINDED CARING STRAIGHT FORWARD CAN HELP YOU FIND CLARITY AND SHED LIGHT ON YOUR FOGGY SITUATION. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS, WORK AND CAREER, FAMILY, TRAVEL ,HEALING. STRONG LINK WITH YOU AND SPIRIT.In my third year on Oranum. Not only am I one of Oranum's top psychics with a 5 star rating and long term clients, I am also Oranum's premium horoscope writer and astrologer. I write all the Pet, Mom and Baby, Wellness, Fitness, Teen, Food, Monthly and Weekly horoscopes. I am both a strongly gifted psychic and a very accurate and compassionate medium. I am a Wiccan High Priest or white witch I have been blessed with the 3 keys to the doorways to heaven earth and underworld.... the 1st key is the psychical world flesh and bone nature it self earth at work I am a green witch the 2nd key is to the heavenly realm and the ability to talk to angels though empath ability's and strong link to god and spirit pure light the 3rd key is the door to the underworld between heaven and hell I have the power to banish evil spirits and negative energy MOST READERS ARE EITHER 1. A PSYCHIC OR 2. A MEDIUM OR 3. A SPELL CASTER OR 4. A HEALER. LIONHEART83 IS ALL FOUR! ♥ ONE OF ORANUM’S ORIGINAL PSYCHICS FROM THE START. ♥ MY PSYCHIC GIFTS ARE PURE COMBING ALL THE HIGHEST PSYCHIC ABILITIES - A COMBINATION OF CLAIRVOYANCE (CLEAR SEEING), CLAIRAUDIENCE (CLEAR HEARING), CLAIRSENTIENCE (CLEAR FEELING), CLAIROLFACTION (CLEAR SMELLING), CLAIRGUSTANCE (CLEAR TASTING), EMPATHIC CONNECTION, INTUITIVE CONNECTION, AND PASSIVE MEDIUMSHIP. ♥ ALSO AVAILABLE – TAROT, RUNES, TEA READINGS, ANGEL COMMUNICATIONS, LOVE SPELLS, KARMA SPELLS, LUCK SPELLS, MONEY SPELLS. ♥LOVE SPECIALIST BUT I ALSO PROVIDE DETAILED ACCURATE READING OF ALL AREAS IN YOUR LIFE,- CAREER, TRAVEL OR ANY LIFE ISSUES. ♥I COME FROM A LONG LINE OF PSYCHICS AND SPIRITUAL ADVISERS. ♥ MY LOVE SPELLS CAN REUNITE LOVERS AND/OR BRING LOVE TO YOU! ♥ ♥ ALL MY SPELLS COME FROM MY OWN HAND I HAVE MY OWN SPELL BOOK I WORK WITH THE LIGHT, WHITE MAGIC SPELLS ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. MY SPELLS DO WORK THEY HAVE HELPED ME IN MY OWN LIFE AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS EVERY SPELLS I HAVE DONE I HAVE PERFORMED ON MYSELF FIRST BEFORE ANYONE ELSE ♥ ALSO I CAN DO ANY SPELL MONEY LOVE CAREER DREAM SPELLS COURAGE SPELLS. ♥ I CAN ALSO CREATE A PERSONAL SPELL FOR MY CLIENTS WHEN ASKED. ♥ ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR AND MEDIUM - I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR LIVING PETS OR YOUR PETS IN SPIRIT. ♥♥♥FEEDBACK – WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY (CHECK THE MEMBER SAID ABOUT ME TAB ABOVE FOR MORE) ♥♥♥ I never in my entire life felt this feeling in my body while talking to anyone. I initially went to Lionheart for a relationship question. In the middle of our reading out of no where... My grandfather who has recently passed connected through him to send me messages. Everything that was said was said was accurate. The description of my grandfather my life situation, family members, people in my lives where on point. To the way my grandfather would say things and to the way he just described my grandfather was spot on.... Even when my grandfather had to leave I just still had that feeling, sort of like tingly type feeling throughout my entire body from when we connected till the time ran out... Lionheart has a gift... even before he connected with my grandfather, he was accurate himself with my situation. Gave great advice... Very caring and understanding person. Truly gives you honesty and shows that he cares. I feel like a totally new person, I couldn't have been happier, I had a great experience that words couldnt even describe. I'm glad I met him. – Donorak, VA Lionheart is a true 5 star psychic. I have had many readings and his predictions always accurate. I feel he has a true connection with his clients. Lionheart is caring and kind. His reading are just, to describe in one word, Amazing!!! Highly recommend Lionheart. - bella123456, Springfield Oh my goodness! What an amazing reading I had with LIONHEART83! He read my situation like a book and needed little to no information from me. Told me like it was which I needed! He really put my mind at ease and will take his advice. Thank you so much! I will definitely do another reading with him. I also would recommend him to others. - EvenstarPerian, Cincinnati Wow such a nice guy and spot on with everything he said. I didn't give anything away but he knew everything! I've been feeling lost lately so some things he said really lifted me up and made me feel positive again. He described me in a way which I see myself but not many people know that side of me! Really appreciate your help today. Thank you Amazing. Xx - tammycharlene, Reading * I link directly to spirit and energy its all around us!!!! * I am highly intuitive and clairvoyant and I can do any spell for your needs! Ask me for more information. * I am also a LIGHT HEALER and white witch - I banish dark energy and break curses and hexes or anything need helping on. * I am a WITCH/WICCAN and I use the God given power of the earth and the elements and the universe to work my spells and rituals for the greater Good of mankind and in my personal life. * I have the power to help anyone who seeks my help and I make it my duty to bring you closer to the path you so do desire. * I am a elemental I use the power of the elements AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH, to aid my in my magical workings. *I also can channel spirits though my dreaming this has happend to me all my life. Remember GOD IS IN CONTROL and all my gifts come from GOD and HEAVEN ABOVE... *NEWTON's First law A body that is at rest, will remain at rest, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Means that: Anybody that is at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by a good manager. Means that: Any bad situation will remain bad unless acted upon by a good leader. Means that: Things need to be pushed along if they are to change. NEWTON's Second law Force = mass x acceleration. The amount of energy needed to be successful is proportional to: The size of the goal x how quickly you want to get it. If you want to achieve big goals quickly: Then you must apply mega watts of energy and will power. NEWTON's Third law For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everyone has heard of the Newton's third law, usually stated as: "For every action, there is always a re-action". If you want a certain effect, you must initiate the correct actions. Don't expect to get rich without effort. If you want to be a champion, you must pay the price there must be a will to drive you... WHAT IS YOUR TRUE DESIRE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE THERE WILL BE A CONSEQUENCES.... * Empath, psychic, medium, spellcaster and Tarot reader, and a energy worker I can project energy to you know matter where you are in the world that is spell work energy directed in the purest form, living or dead energy never dies..I have also connected with peoples animals including my own..pets MORE INFORMATION ON WICCA/PAGANISM WICCA IS THE OLDEST RELIGION KNOWN TO MAN IT DATES BACK TO 700 BCE AND IS STILL PRACTICED TODAY BY MILLIONS AND MOST CELEBRATED HOLIDAYS ARE PAGAN ROOTED SUCH AS HALLOWEEN/SAMAHAIN CHRISTMAS/ YULE, EASTER/OSTORA. WICCA IS A MODERN DAY VERSION OF PAGANISM...THERE ARE 8 WITCHES SABBATHS . October 31 ---- Samahin Eve December 20-23 ---- Winter Solstice(Yule) Feburary 2 ---- Imbolc March 20-23 ----The Spring Equinox (Ostara) May 1 ---- Beltane June 20-23 ---- The Summer solstice(Midsummer) August 2 ---- Lammas Septemper 20-23 ---- The Fall Equinox(Mabon) THE WICCAN CREED Bide the Wiccan Law ye must, In perfect love, in perfect trust. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An ye harm none, do as ye will. And ever mind the Rule of Three:What ye send out, comes back to thee.3*3 Follow this with mind and heart, And merry ye meet, and merry ye part. A note about time: When witches cast a magical cycle for spell work we do not allow any watches or clocks or any technical devices in the cycle. We believe that time is a distraction a curse and a blessing for mankind. we believe while in the cycle time has no meaning just our memories of life and our love ones a barrier between worlds.. safety with- in the cycle of life... MOON CHART Wiccans always work there magic by the the phases of the MOON, NEW MOON, WAXING MOON, FULLMOON,WANING MOON... What does the moon phases mean in spell work? NEW MOON-A fresh new start GREAT for going on a diet lose weight by the light of the moon as the moon gains its light you shall lose,and planting a wish seed.The new moon is a promise that the light will return. WAXING MOON-This is when the moon is gaining light very quickly half full great for bring love romance money makes the spell becomes more powerfull as the moon gains light. FULL MOON- complete power best time for any spell full power of the moon the energy is so high this is a great time also to conceive a child and start a business idea money is always good thing luck.. WANING MOON- This is a time when the moon is loseing its light time to remove unwanted things from our lifes curses hexes bad luck purify return to sender of the cures freedom of all things negitive dark and unholy shall begone from you.Also bad habits worries.getting out of a bad relationships moving away from unheathy lifestyles.

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