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SAGERAVEN - Karmic Astrology and Chinese Astrology in Norway

Talk to SAGERAVEN - Karmic Astrology and Chinese Astrology in Norway on-line. 15-20 years of experience in Chinese Astrology. MANY INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS & CELEBS RATE NEGOTIABLE....COME SEE IF YOU QUALIFY. NO INFO NEEDED-EXTREMELY ACCURATE HIGHLY EXPERIENCED MEDIUM/INTUITIVE/PSYCHIC ❤ ❤5 * TOP Rated Natural Psychic❤ ❤ Over 5,000 accurate predictions & timelines given Past~Present~Future L.O.V.E Guidance/Advice With your patience I am here for you as a conduit to your journey of peace & happiness....Excellent accuracy and feedback ~Very Accurate with detailed insight~ I have the sharp mind of an elephant with the ability to keep a mental record of all of my client's reading's so I am always able to easily recall your information when you come for your free/paid update's. I have the ability to remotely view as well as channel your past on loved one with my gift's of evidential and trance mediumship. I also offer great advice and insight into your situation so you are not just getting a reading, you are getting the complete therapeutic package loaded with insight, clarity, guidance and support for the long road ahead. True Love is the LOVE you share with your Twin Soul-Mate Clairempathy ❤❤❤ Medium❤❤❤Clairvoyant❤❤❤Clairsentient❤❤❤Cairaudient Compassionate ❤❤❤ ❀ Dream Interpretations ❀ ❤❤❤ Natural Born Intuitive Psychic ❤❤❤ Soul Mate & Twin Flame❤❤❤ Love Readings ❤ ❤ ❤ ❀ Gifted Chakra Healer ❀ ❤☺About Sage/Jennifer☺ ❤ Join me for answers regarding LOVE FAMILY MONEY CAREER ECT... Please read my profile and reviews & JOIN ME FOR A PRIVATE CHAT NOW!!! Hello & Welcome. I am Jennifer~ Trance & Evidential Medium......... I have been a medium my whole life, however did not start to develop my abilities until about 10 yrs. ago. I can answer any question you may have related to all of your Professional & Love Relationship's. I am always looking for ways to be of service to others because this is my intrinsic nature. I am a great friend, advisor and healer. In addition to working on Oranum, I work part time as a writer working on publishing my own book/s. I do not follow a schedule so please click the "notify me when this reader comes online" button above and Oranum will notify you via email when I log in for readings. *What is an evidential Medium? An Evidential Medium is a Medium who is able to provide facts about your loved one that they could not possibly have known, such as how they passed, particular events, names, dates, what their home looked like or perhaps your home and even special activities. You will know it is your loved one based upon the factual evidence presented. What is a Trance Medium? A trance medium has the ability to go into a "trance" like state while channeling your loved one. It is a form of communication. "Trance mediumship" is often seen as a form of mental mediumship. Most trance mediums remain conscious during a communication period, wherein a spirit uses the medium's mind to communicate. The spirit or spirits using the medium's mind influences the mind with the thoughts being conveyed. The medium allows the ego to step aside for the message to be delivered. At the same time, one has awareness of the thoughts coming through due to the medium's conscious state of mind. *The main driving force behind all human interaction is unconditional ♥LOVE♥ and acceptance. If you aren't receiving this from the people in your life come see me so I can help you with the guided support needed to have it. ♥~Jennifer~♥ Below is a summary of what I am able to assist you with: -Dream Interpretations -Guidance for you relationship problems and dilemmas -Issues around your current job -How to raise your vibration and ultimately your self esteem -How to move yourself up and out of a negative downward spiral -How to connect with your spirit guides -I Ching theory and guidance -Chakra & Reiki healing -General and subject specific Angel card and basic playing card reading's I believe we can have anything we want in this world, and with proper spiritual belief I can show you the paths and obsticles that stand in your way and tell you how to work around them to get what you want. I am a REAL Psychic Medium. I don't ask you questions I don't need personal details about your situation such as when, why, where & how involving your personal situation, and especially not your or your significant other's "D.O.B" I do not give free readings in the FREE chat area so please do not ask. ♥ ░S░E░N░D░I░N░G░ ░A░N░G░E░ L░ ░ H ░ U░ G░ S░ ♥ ♥♥ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ♥♥ Many Blessings *Jennifer*

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