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Chat with SarafinaPsychic - Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology in Norway online. 30- years of experience in Chinese Astrology. SARAFINA MULTIDIMENSIONAL INTUITIVE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR AND MEDIUM WITH MY INTUITIVE SKILLS I AM ABLE TO 1. HELP YOU HAVE A BETTER LIFE. 2. SEE THE TRUTH IN YOUR SITUATION 3. SEE HOW PEOPLE ARE THINKING, FEELING, AND ACTING WITH REGARD TO YOU. 4. SEE YOUR FUTURE, AS IT WILL COME TO PASS FROM THIS MOMENT. 5. SEE THE ENERGY AROUND YOU AT THE MOMENT. 6. SEE IF THERE ARE OBSTACLES THAT YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH. 7. CLEAN ALL BAD ENERGY FROM YOU. 8. PURIFY ALL RELATIONSHIPS. 9. GET AWARE AND RID OF BAD HABITS AND BAD THINKING. 10. HELP YOU AND GUIDE YOU IN MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. 11. CONNECT YOU WITH LOVE PEACE AND TRUTH KNOW AND UNDERSTAND… 1. WHY LIFE GETS HARD 2. WHY YOU GET DEPRESSED 3. WHY SOMEONE ISN'T LOVING YOU THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TOO. 4. HOW TO GET HAPPY 5. HOW TO GET EXCITING ***CHOOSE YOUR TYPE OF READING^^^ HEALING TREATMENT FOR: -WEIGHT-LOSS -BEAUTY SEX AND ATTRACTIVENESS -CONFIDENCE -DREAM CRAFT -LIFE GOAL AWARENESS AND CREATION -UNDERSTANDING PSYCHIC ABILITIES / PSYCHIC COACHING PERSONALIZED RITUALS/CONFERENCES FOR HEALING: -BAD HABITS -FEAR AND ANXIETY -FEELINGS OF BEING CURSED -BOREDOM WITH CURRENT SITUATION PERSONALIZED RITUALS/CONFERENCES FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE -KNOWING YOUR TRUE IDENTITY -CHANGING CAREERS -CHILDHOOD DREAMS COMING TRUE MEDIUM-SHIP -ASSISTING ALL WHO WISH TO COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED ON. MAKE A STATEMENT TO THE UNIVERSE! -DAILY DUTY MENTAL PROJECTION... -DO YOUR DAILY HOMEWORK AND CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! -PICTURING MENTAL AND PHYSICAL -REPLACE BAD WITH GOOD... DEALING WITH YOUR HABITS MY MISSION HERE IS TO GUIDE AND ASSIST !!! I GIVE ACCURATE READINGS QUICKLY THAT WILL BRING YOU PEACE OF MIND AND HEART !!! EXPECT TO HAVE FUN AND FEEL BETTER AFTER YOUR TIME SPENT HAVING A READING WITH ME I TELL IT LIKE I SEE AND FEEL IT..... ALL TRUTH FROM THE UNIVERSAL SOURCE THROUGH ME TO YOU !!! Hi All, I am a native of the Hollywood hills however I did spend formative years in Connecticut and Florida. I first became aware of my skill to guide when I was about three and half years old. I have vivid recollections of myself at this early age. I remember hearing the "grow ups" around me asking for help or complaining about various issues and knowing exactly how to help them. I had answers. A "KNOWING" I could feel the answers appear in my brain then come through my mouth in words. This was amazing to them and to me. My parents were "Hippy Artists" and one summer afternoon when I was seven years old, they and some other family friends decided to lead me on a guided meditation. This was an extremely powerful initiation for me as I left the physical sensations of my body completely and traveled to the astral dimensions. It is so hard to try to explain this sensation. It was like floating but moving.... through energy. It was colorful and I knew I was without a body but that I could go back into my body. I became conscious that there is something so much more than the physical world that we see with our eyes and feel with our other senses. In the 1980's I began working on understanding my spirituality and spirituality in general. Though sincere interest and study of many books and participation in various courses, I continued confirming that there was indeed a powerful force around us all and that this force was there to guide and be guided by each one of us. It was at this period in my life I began practicing hands on healing, working with energy and meditation for manifestation. Later in my life I became a guidance counselor for teenagers. Specializing in guiding them into greater self worth and creative business ventures. As a group consisting of myself, another counselor and our teens we traveled extensively throughout the southeastern states of the USA. We visited other groups of like minded teens. We were able to make these journeys with funds we generated through our creative efforts. It was while I was in Florida working with teens in the 1990's that I became acquainted with psychic hotlines. I happily give guidance in the arenas of love and relationships as well as business and wealth. I intuit from the vast goodness that is our universe, very specific information for each individual in need. My gift is connecting easily to cosmic energy from all levels and dimensions of the universe. Because I enjoy being open and friendly and keeping myself in a loving and receptive state I use tools to assist me in fine tuning the large amounts of general information that come in when I first start guiding a person. I enjoy using tools like tarot, quartz crystals, "magic coins" and my "magic bottle of rituals" I feel my talents are best used by those who have questions that they want answered and by those who are willing to receive advice on how they can actively make their life a more enjoyable experience. It's Earth... Lets have some fun while we're here! Get all of your questions answered quickly and accurately! Live your love! Take action to make all your dreams come true! BE FOCUSED! Let’s get it done!

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